Ornament purchases can brighten the days
of the kids at Doernbecher all year round!

Ornament purchases can brighten the days
of the kids at Doernbecher all year round!

By popular demand, our lovely ornaments are now for sale all year round! Your ornament purchase will help Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program continue the advancement of cancer research at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and provide the best treatment options to its young patients. Some of the top cancer research developments in the world happen at Doernbecher, the first hospital in the Pacific Northwest to offer new FDA-approved treatment for advance leukemia, kymriah, the first gene transfer therapy in the US, now available for children and young adults. 

Consider some of these ways to display your cherished ornaments all year-round. Use these tips to bring a sentimental and decorative touch to your home with your favorite Christmas baubles! Some ways to show-off your favorite ornaments any time of year include:

A chandelier or a hanging light fixture is the perfect place to suspend a few of your baubles. Use varying lengths of ribbon, string, or fishing line to dangle and delight with your sparkling treasures!

Wire an ornament or two to a floral pic, which are available at most crafting stores and sites. Tuck it in among your foliage, flowers, and plants to create a beautiful display to keep or give to someone special.

Fill a bowl or platter with some of your glass baubles for a stunning piece that is suitable to use as a dining table centerpiece. Tuck in a few flowers, leaves, or even fresh-cut herbs for added interest and a bit of fragranc

Use an old frame, without the glass, or invest in a simple shadowbox to show-off your ornaments during any season of the year. Affix string or clear line to each ornament and staple the string to the upper edge of the frame on the back. Hang on a wall or suspend from the ceiling for a cool, contemporary display.

Cake stands make an excellent platform to display unique ornaments. Use smaller balls and baubles to surround a few larger ones, and use on your kitchen counter, shelf, or patio table for a cool focal point that others will compliment.

Mount a simple tree branch above a window or on a wall, and hang a few of your ornaments from the branch. This brings a cool, natural touch to the home while also providing a great spot to showcase your favorites!

A very simple way to use your ornaments all year is to hang a few from a sunny window. The sun will shine in making the baubles glimmer and gleam, creating a beautiful sight each time you walk in the room!

Brighten the days of children with cancer by purchasing ornaments any day of the year!

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About Local Art Glass

These high-quality glass ornaments were handmade by local artist Evan. They are light weight and are usually about the size of a softball, between 3.5 and 3.75 inches.

*Please note that the ornament in the photograph is a sample image. Actual color patterns may vary, every ball is unique.

*Glass looks best and most vibrant when well lit with bright light. The glass in images are lit by bright photo lamps, items may not appear as vibrant if viewed in the dark. $30 per unit, free shipping, returns accepted at shop owner’s discretion.

Local Art Glass was established in 2010 by artist and designer Evan Burnette. Burnette was born in Springfield, Illinois, the son of a community theater organizer and history teacher, and a professional photographer. He earned his BFA in glass art from Southern Illinois University and his MFA from Ball State University. Burnette settled in the glass mecca of the Pacific Northwest, where he has taught glassblowing to the public in both Oregon and Alaska, and established a growing production and educational studio.

In addition to being head designer at Local Art Glass and the #1 seller of glass ornaments on Etsy, Burnette also works as a fine artist. His work integrates many of the tenets of early twentieth-century Surrealist thought, along with psychological, aesthetic, and ethical issues related to humor and our post-modern consumerist society. He is interested in the concepts of both physical and mental play, disengagements from the seriousness of both life and the fine art world. His pieces mainly lie in the realm of “Comic Surrealism,” which is predicated on themes of silliness and absurdist humor permeating beautiful, concrete forms. Burnette’s artwork has received finalist status in the Illinois Governor’s Collegiate Art Competition, the Rickert Ziebolt Trust Awards, the National Sculpture Society Awards, the Niche Awards, and Bullseye Glass’s Emerge, among others. His work was also featured in the Corning Museum of Glass’s New Glass Review 38. Burnette was one of five MFA graduates chosen for the Urban Glass Biannual “Fresh Masters” exhibition in Brooklyn, New York, in 2018. His work may be viewed at www.evanburnetteart.com.

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