Dr. Susan Lindemulder

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is filled with amazing people and Dr. Susan Lindemulder is one.  

Dr. Lindemulder is the recipient of the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program’s Prestigious Gene O’Brian Award. The award honors a member of the greater Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program community, who has distinguished him or herself through long-standing, unselfish and significant service to the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program, and, whose work has touched the lives of many and has been an inspiration to all. Gene O’Brian was the Pacific Northwest Governor of Kiwanis and led the way to a relationship between Kiwanis and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, starting in the mid 1980’s.

The award was presented to her when the Directors of the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program (KDCCP) met with the fellows on Sept 22nd. 

Susan is the medical director of the Doernbecher Pediatric Hematology/Oncology ward. She also leads the hospital’s Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Team.

The Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Team, researches the late effects of Childhood cancer. Survivorship research helps doctors understand how many treatments used in the past and present will impact future childhood cancer survivors.

The Childhood cancer team participates in national research studies and also has developed a number of research studies at OHSU.  These studies provide important information that will improve the way that the hospital will treat future patients. They will also help minimize the long-term effects of therapy and help provide better care for specific late complications that certain survivors are currently experiencing.

Read more about the survivorship program here.

Dr. Linda Stork is Division Head of Hematology Oncology for OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Dr. Stork commented that Dr. Lindemulder was a Pediatric resident when she was at Children’s Hospital in Denver.  

“She was awesome and worked on a research project with me that got her to present in front of a large audience at a prestigious national meeting. She then stayed in Denver for PHO fellowship.  It took me 2 years to convince her to leave Denver… to come to OHSU to start the Survivorship Program; but she finally did (in 2008). Lucky us!”

John Brookens, president of The Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program (KDCCP), commented to Dr. Stork: “You attract great people to surround you.  It makes us all better. Isn’t Dr. Lindemulder one of the doctors that went to Tanzania with you? I recall you mentioning her on “Kiwanis Day.”  Good things happen when we surround ourselves with better, smarter people than we are…”

I would like to share a little verse that applies to you and Dr. Evan Shereck (who is in charge of our Kiwanis fellowship program).

“Surround yourself with dreamers and doers, the believers and thinkers,

but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within,

even when you don’t.”

– Edmund Lee

Dr. Lindemulder does take our Kiwanis fellows to Tanzania every year (when there is not a pandemic) and teaches them about global health. It is a definite highlight for the fellows.

We Kiwanians are so pleased to be surrounded by all the awesome, amazing people at OHSU Doernbecher Hospital and we were delighted to honor Dr. Sue Lindemulder with our Gene O’Brian Award.

Our dream at KDCCP is to see cancer removed from this earth forever!