Dr. Evan Shereck, who is in charge of our Kiwanis fellowship program, offers exciting news in November as the Kiwanis Doernbecher Fellows continue working to end children’s cancer forever:

We have been very busy – mostly with recruitment season. This year we had to do our entire recruitment virtually and still be able to convey the amazing atmosphere of our program and our truly wonderful city (despite some newspaper reports over the summer). Overall, the applicants said we did an amazing job, and most said we had the most robust and organized virtual day that they had witnessed. Most of this is a testament to our wonderful fellows and faculty who worked so hard to make sure the applicants still had a truly remarkable experience.

Andrea Gillespie, our first year fellow, is busy on the wards while our upper years are busy with their research.

Patrick Demartino has had two papers accepted for publication. His area of interest is in financial policies regarding covering treatments in pediatric hematology/oncology and ensuring that once we have all these amazing treatments, patients will be able to have them covered so they can actually receive them. One paper is showing the costs of covering treatments for all the new oncology drugs that are coming out. The other paper is on the financial impact of covering gene therapy for sickle cell disease (which would be a life-changing treatment for the patients). Pat’s work has been accepted for an oral presentation at our upcoming pediatric trainee research night.

Florence Choo has been busy working with Monika Davare in Monika’s Pediatric Research Lab. She has been doing great work there. In fact, her research was awarded a poster presentation at the upcoming pediatric trainee research night at Doernbecher. She will be presenting on targeted therapies in rhabdomyosarcoma.