Dr. Linda Stork offers us this month’s update: 

“Since we are in the process of interviewing a number of applicants for our two first-year positions (starting July 2022), I thought it’d be meaningful to share (anonymously) some of what they say in their Personal Statements about their desire to pursue a pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship after completion of their residency.

Here are some telling quotes from 5 of our applicants:

“I have spent nearly a lifetime dreaming of becoming a pediatric hematologist-oncologist. Every part of my journey has introduced me to another aspect of the field I care about: research, patient care, and advocacy.”

“I was drawn to the field of pediatric hematology-oncology by its complex blend of medicine, love, and a dogged responsibility to confront the most difficult problems…Every stage of my training has evolved my passion for the field, and my life’s fortune and challenges have shaped the hematologist/oncologist I will become. I can’t wait.”

“I love being a pediatrician but I am most passionate about pediatric hematology-oncology. The patients inspire me, the problems challenge me, and I feel real purpose in caring for some of the most vulnerable patients at such critical times in their lives.”

“Pediatric hematology/oncology is an ever-changing field of medicine that has held my fascination for over a decade. From immunotherapy and personalized treatments for cancer, to bone marrow transplants as a cure for sickle cell disease, there are advances being made constantly. These innovations ignite my curiosity and I’m looking forward to contributing to these developments.” 

“The study of Hematology/Oncology encompasses my aspiration for a career involving close relationships with my patients and families, the challenge of managing the acuity, chronicity, complexity and severity of their diseases, and the opportunity for diverse research, advocacy and education to further the field.”